Sirius College is an independent and non-denominational school, operating in Victoria since 1997. It has been serving the community for 20 years and has grown beyond expectations to meet the increasing demand of Australia’s multicultural community.

With six campuses across Victoria, Sirius College offers a dynamic, engaging and comprehensive curriculum from Foundation to Year 12, around 2500 students from 70 different ethnic background. Sirius’s appeal rests in the school’s strong sense of community, the universal values we celebrate and the provision of a balanced education that addresses the academic, social and emotional wellbeing of all students.

Sirius College plays a leading role in educating young generations with its continuous quest in achieving academic and creative excellence and preparing students to participate in Australian society as informed, active, caring and contributing citizens.

Sirius College aims to develop a more well rounded person by having students exercise their social responsibility through engagement in community work and intercultural activities. The school organises a multitude of student-oriented workshops and excursions that provide opportunities to engage with other students of different cultures and faiths. These experiences provide invaluable social contexts for students to focus on our commonalities rather than differences.

Sirius College will be celebrating 20 years of its establishment in 2017. IFLC Melbourne will be our school’s tribute to the multicultural and cosmopolitan city of Melbourne and our school community, which is itself a kaleidoscope of cultures and languages.